Episode #10: Social Media Q&A

social media Nov 29, 2017

We just went through a series on using social media on your blog or business and today we are wrapping that up with a Q&A on social media. 

So far we've covered: developing a social media strategy for growth, how to develop a Pinterest strategy for massive growth, strategies for launching and growing your blog or business

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Here are the questions we answer on the episode today:

  1. How do you use Instagram as a business platform?
  2. What is the point of social media followers? How can I convert them into paying customers?
  3. Is it worth it to pay for social media advertising (fb ads, etc)
  4. At what point in my company's growth should I outsource the social media management?
  5. "My 'problem' is this. I don’t want everybody to know my kids, my family and everything we do. So I never show the kids faces, have their names nowhere published, and I don’t tell a lot of personal things. Now I’m wanting to start a new business (next to the two blogs that I already own) where connecting with my 'tribe' on a personal base is very crucial. I want to share my personal experience, tell them my story and connect with them. How do I do this on the blog as well as on social media without crossing our privacy borders..." 

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