OWAHL #11: Behind the scenes of our most successful launch to date

Welcome back to Our Work at Home Life! We've revamped the way we do the podcast and we are back for an exciting year! 

We laid the groundwork in the first 10 episodes, but 2018 is the year of OWAHL and we are going to spend a lot of time this year on what has been our secret to success: sales funnels

So we are going to take you deep inside our biggest product to date, the product that allowed Jason to quit his job: our annual conferences! 

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A look inside our annual conferences: 

We started our first online homemaking conference in 2014. We just wrapped up our 4th conference and it was a huge success! 

You can come over and see what our conferences are like here

Our Growth over the past 4 years:

First conference ever in 2014 we had 709 attendees. This was amazing! We had no idea what to except in our first year so we were very very pleased with this. 

In 2015 we saw 27% growth over the previous year. 

In 2016 we saw 2% growth over the previous year. We had several things going on this year but we also increased ticket prices by quite a bit so we ended up with a lot more revenue from the conference than the year before. 

In 2017 we saw 29% growth over the previous year. 

Overall, our conferences have grown at a great rate and we are looking forward to an even higher 2018! 

Why this has been so important to us: 

This product is what allowed Jason to quit his job and start doing this full time. Listen to the podcast for more details on how this worked. 

This product essentially is a continuity or membership module. Many of our people purchase our conference year after year since it's a new and different conference each year. So it's nice to count on a big launch each Fall. A large portion of our income each year comes from these conferences. 

The secret behind our business: 

The secret behind our success, before we even knew what they were called has been sales funnels. Building these sales funnels into the different products of our business has been huge! We are going to start transitioning into these topics as we teach about them throughout 2018. 

Sales funnels are those seemingly invisible sequences that you bring new readers and customers through. Ideally, when you bring a new customer into the fold, they will be with you for the long haul and purchase many things from you, not just one! 

A sales funnel encompasses that first time that people read about you or find your content, it moves them on to your email sequence, it gives them a deeper look into who you are, and eventually moves them to being a paid customer and on to various offers and products. 

It might seem complicated, but once you've done one or two, the possibilities really start to open up. Because instead of having to always sell and do big product launches, you can set up automated sales funnels and push people through them while delivering amazing content! 

2017 Homemaking Conference Sales Funnel 

Giveaway: July 2017 

Before tickets went on sale, we offered a killer giveaway. We used Gleam.io to run the giveaway and we collected email addresses through that sequence. 

We had our affiliates promote the giveaway as well. We had almost 6,000 new email addresses from that giveaway. (It was a highly target giveaway, not something generic like an ipad or amazon giftcard). We made sure that only our target ticket buyer would want to enter the giveaway. 

Tickets went on sale:

Later that week, tickets went on sale! And we sold heavily to that giveaway audience as well our existing audience. 

We offered all the giveaway winners an additional $5 off the conference if they purchased in that first week. Then the price for everyone went up after 2 weeks. 

Several price increases: 

We had several points between July and September that the ticket price went up incrementally. 

Refresh Your Routines free offer:

Our main free offer that we had for the conference was a kit called Refresh Your Routines. This was a freebie that we attracted new audiences with and then sold them a conference ticket through the email sequence. You can check out our freebie here.

After the conference and ticket sales: 

The backend of our sales funnel included two income sources. 

1) We offered a limited time 25% off everything in our store to the conference attendees.

We made a great amount off of this because the conference attendees were very excited to see what else we offer. 

2) We did a launch of our online training academy. 

This was the main end of our sales funnel. We wanted to sell people on our big ticket item ($129 which is HUGE for this niche). 

To get people ready for this, I did a 3 week long pre-launch sequence focused mainly on the conference attendees. I walked with them helping them implement key actions and takeaways from the conference. I did 5 live videos during that time. 

The end of that live sequence, we sold MHM which is a $129 product that we sold for $99. It was a very successful launch overall. 

Keep watching for more sales funnel training as we get back to regular weekly OWAHL episodes! And let us know if you have any questions about the process and how we do our sales funnels. 

Want to get a jump start on sales funnels? 

We are going to have a ton of sales funnel training over the coming weeks and months. But if you want to get a jump start on it now, then we HIGHLY recommend the book, Dot Com Secrets! 

We have learned so much from Russel Brunson about sales funnels and how to automate things in our business! It's been amazing and Dot Com Secrets is hands down one of the best business books I've ever read! 

And he has a cool deal on his books! You can get his book for free, you just have to pay shipping. I checked Amazon and even with paying shipping, it's still cheaper to get his book this way than buying it off Amazon or even for Kindle! 

That's how I got his book, I did the free plus shipping offer. I even got the book in just 2-3 days. 

You can get your free copy here! 

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