My Favorite Business Podcasts

Jun 08, 2017

Jason and I owe a lot of our current business success to podcasts. When I was first learning how to run and grow my blog, I stumbled across a business podcast one fateful day...and I was hooked. 

That podcast was Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn and it was like drinking out of a fire hose. So much information! I started devouring every single episode I could and moved on to other podcasts. 

However, I quickly learned there was a really big quality difference among podcasts. Some podcasts were really fluffy, or only full of "inspiration". 

As a busy mom of five kids, my time is severely limited, so I am usually on the hunt for those podcasts that are encouraging and uplifting, but that are also teaching me something. 

Over the years, the following podcasts have become my absolute favorite! 

How do you follow a podcast? 

But first: If you are new to the podcast world, a podcast is basically like an internet radio show. The podcasters offer a...

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